Milk dessert - healthy and tasty! Quick recipes for popular dairy desserts: ice cream, smoothie, jelly, cheesecake, pudding

Dairy desserts are one of the most beloved not only by children, but also by large sweets for their soft tenderness of taste. These mouth-watering dishes are also incredibly healthy due to the content of dairy products in combination with vitamin ingredients. Such fortified products in desserts from milk can be fruits, berries, preserves and jams, nuts and candied fruits.

Tomato ketchup for the winter: an indispensable sauce for any dish. The most delicious and original homemade ketchup recipes for the winter from tomatoes.

Ketchup is the most popular sauce in Russia. They eat meat, vegetables, dumplings, pasta, rice, stew vegetables, add borscht, make sandwiches. It is difficult to find such a refrigerator, in which there is no ketchup. Tomato sauce makers offer a huge range of popular products. And everything would be fine, but the purchased ketchup suffers from many sins.

Salma Hayek wears $ 1 million earrings!

Everyone knows that diamonds are the girl’s best friends. And if you add a few sapphires and platinum to diamonds, then they automatically become very dear best friends. On Saturday night, at the LACMA 2012 Art gala in Los Angeles, 46-year-old Salma Hayek amazed everyone with Harry Winston earrings.

What do crayfish dream of: live or boiled? The main interpretations of different dream books - why crayfish, crayfish dishes

In a dream you can see the most diverse events, dreams can even be repeated many times. Try to give great importance to each of them. Why do crayfish dream? It’s worth sorting out. Why dream of crayfish - the basic interpretation of the Dream in which you see cancer - promises you a return to the past. You will come back again and again in times past and a huge amount of time to think about whether you did the right thing in this or that situation.

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Pancakes without eggs - proven recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pancakes without eggs.

Pancakes without eggs - the general principles of cooking Pancakes without eggs can be baked on Pancake Day or on any other day. Many people think that without eggs the dough will not succeed, but this is far from the case. If you know some secrets and tricks, you can easily make delicious pancakes without eggs. The dough for such pancakes can turn out liquid - then thin and openwork pancakes will turn out.

Do painkillers worsen the course of infectious diseases?

Aspirin, diclofenac, ibuprofen, or paracetamol are the most commonly used analgesics that cause serious side effects. According to a Portuguese study, painkillers worsen the course of viral and bacterial infections. Why are analgesics dangerous? About 12% of Russians are responsible for the use of analgesics.

Yule Holiday - A History of Pagan Celebration, Legends, Symbols and Rituals

Not far off is the night of the winter solstice. In ancient times, this time was special, it was believed that the world was reborn from darkness after the festival of Samhain. The festivities lasted exactly thirteen days. In this you can notice a similarity with the Slavic Christmas time. Let's look at the origin of the pagan holiday Yule, rituals, rituals and symbols.

Mallow - medicinal properties and applications in medicine

Mallow - a general description of the Mallow plant (lat. Malva), otherwise referred to as mallow, is familiar to most Russian gardeners and summer residents. It is appreciated for its decorative appearance and long flowering period. Mallow belongs to the family of the same name (Malvaceae, lat. Malvaceae), it is mainly a two-year-old (sometimes annual or perennial) pubescent at the base, and then a bare herbaceous plant from 30 to 100-120 cm tall.

Signs of pregnancy before the delay - as our great-grandmothers found out about this. Find out what the first signs appear before the delay of menstruation and whether you can trust them.

Some women expect the arrival of menstruation with secret anxiety, others with joyful impatience, but the question that is of concern to both of them at the moment is whether a pregnancy has occurred. Ahead - tedious days of waiting, passing the test and confirming its result by a doctor. Is it possible to accelerate events and test your guess quickly?

Nursing diet: what can I eat in the first month after birth? Healthy foods and those that should not be in the diet of nursing

In the first month after birth, it is very important that the nursing mother will eat. The health of the newborn child will depend on the quality of breast milk. It is important to follow a special diet so as not to harm yourself and your child. Nursing diet: principles of proper nutrition 1. Calorie content is important. During lactation, a woman requires a minimum of 3200 Kcal per day.

What are cockroaches dreaming of?

What do cockroaches dream of - according to the eastern female dream book According to the eastern female dream book, dreaming of cockroaches promise an unexpected profit. Moreover, the larger their number, the more profit you will receive. What do cockroaches dream of - according to the esoteric dream book The usual cockroach dream of profit, shopping; many cockroaches - to stability and prosperity; too many cockroaches indicate the need to get rid of unnecessary things stored in the house.

Pickle with mushrooms - a fragrant soup. Recipes from simple to very simple - we prepare home pickles with lean mushrooms and meat

Rassolniki - soups are remarkably tasty, but, alas, recently they are not very popular. Many housewives are more likely to feed their family members outlandish overseas soups, ignoring the luxurious old dishes. And believe me, in vain! Pickle according to almost any recipe, perfectly stimulates digestion. Mushroom versions of such soups contain enough protein and will completely replace the usual treats in the post.

What the chase is about: what the dream books of Miller, Nostradamus, Freud and others say. Interpretation of dreams about the pursuit in its various versions

A dream in which a chase is dreamed is very common, and people who see such a dream often want to find out what it can mean. Today we will try to determine what the pursuit is dreaming of and what such a dream can promise a person. What if the dream chase? Such a dream appears to people quite often, and it can be conditionally divided into two types: they are chasing you, or you are trying to catch up with someone.